Welcome, Traveler, to nootherblogbythisname

Your presence here makes this a sacred place.  Although I am nearly old, my muse is newborn.  Its existence, although ephemeral, has the spark of life and will grow according to its environment.  It needs ‘compost’, sunshine, rain, vacant space, a trellis, resistance in order to thrive.  This can only come from comments and feedback.  I am trusting you to attend to the growth of my muse. 

I can’t offer any guidelines, but my muse has something to say, and since this is her place I’m more than happy to pass on her advice.  As I cleared away mouse droppings and cobwebs at Robb’s Hut at the Pine Hill Ski Club the other day, far away from music, traffic and other chatter, under the cover of the unfrozen stream down the embankment, she crawled down from a rafter or some other place she must have hid itself away in last winter, and she said to me:

“Rules of Play. 

1. Invite others to your dream. 

2. Don’t become part of anyone’s nightmare.”

She also said:  “Everything in her blog is copyrighted!  Please contact the human in charge for permission to reference and reprint.”  Ahhhh, I like it that my muse is so practical as to value what I’ll write before it’s even written.  We will get along just fine, my muse and I.